How bogu is made (1/2).  How bogu is made (2/2). and have great armor.  Even their bottom-of-the-line machine made armor (around $300) is of very good quality.  Toward the more beautiful (and expensive end) are, has an auction for used bōgu around once a week or so.  Most of these are very reasonable (around $150) and in good shape.  Search for "kendo armor" or "kendo bogu".  If you do buy used, then:

  • Make sure it is kendo bogu (sellers will often mislabel their goods).
  • Make sure it fits (we can help if you want).
  • Make sure all pieces are there (men, 2 kote, do, tare).
  • Look at the wear (especially the kote palms).  Do not buy something that will fall apart in a couple of months.
  • Do not over-pay.  If you cannot get it for $150, you might want to consider new.
  • Coordinate with others in the dojo so you do not bid against each other and drive up the price.

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