Jōdan is one of the kendo's five kamae (posture or stance).  In actual practice and sparring, only chūdan and jōdan (and maybe a little hasso) are used, but jōdan is favored by only about 10% of players, mostly in Osaka and along south Japan.  Jōdan is aggressive and has a superior reach, but unfortunately, it lacks the control and flexibility of chūdan. 


SITE          This is a site maintained by an American kenshi who loves jodan. I am impressed by his dedication to jodan and the time and effort he has spent in researching the art. I am afraid that I do not agree with his motto: "at last we will have our revenge" or with his view that forcing the opponent out of bounds to collect the hansoku point is a fair strategy. He does not seem to be doing kendo for the right reasons (see the Bushidō page) or with the right goals.  Kenshi of substance should pressure the opponent with the boundary line, but with the purpose of breaking his concentration to create an opening for a valid strike. 


SITE          This is a site maintained by a Japanese kenshi. It is extremely well thought out and comprehensive. It is a pity that he has not added to this work since 2001.
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